As part of our top-notch implant dentistry, we now offer 3D Cone Beam technology. Now your diagnostic workup wouldn’t take multiple X-rays of your jaw, teeth, and facial skeleton.

Films are less reliable; they’re often of inaccurate orientation and inadequate quality, missing critical areas of the anatomy.

2D or 3D cone beam scans deliver excellent visualization of facial bone anatomy, at significantly lower radiation levels than medical-grade CT scanners.

The benefit: your dentist gets the best clinical data to evaluate individual teeth or structures surrounding teeth. You save on the costs and time lost on repeated X-rays and unnecessary treatment! Your dentists can accurately plan your surgery.

For example, your dentist can accurately see whether or not you need bone implants along with your dentures.
Now you can obtain better dental periapical films in our office.

Panoramic films

(2-Dimensional)-essentially, a tomogram of the facial skeleton; this is the “workhorse” film within our implant specialty, as multiple anatomic regions can be evaluated in one film.

Cone-Beam 3D scans

Cone beam scanner radiation level is very similar to that from a traditional panoramic film. The voxel size with these scanners is quite small, so the accuracy of the images is superior to medical-grade scanners. Cone-beam 3D scan accuracy is within one-tenth of a millimeter (0.1mm) while medical CT scanners are off by 0.5mm or more.

Do I need it?

It depends on your dental problem. If panoramic scans work and the image we get is uncomplicated, then that’s what we’ll use.

You should– or may wisely choose to– go directly with cone beam scans if any of the following applies to you:


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